Friday, December 03, 2004

Oh my people. I am so sorry, my people, those who keep checking to see if I have posted something new, only to be disappointed. I know of this disappointment, truly I do. There has been a sickness upon the House of Debl. I have barely been able to rouse a couple of brain cells to rub together in order to get through my day. I am all phlegmy and my nostril-skin is all red and cracked. Think of my not-posting as a protection from hearing the details of my cold symptoms. There will be more posts soon, I promise.

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av said...

Try Puffs with Lotion (it really doesn't feel like it and isn't that gross), or Kleenex has a drier version of the same thing. Then moisturize your nose with a scent-free moisturizer before bed. I hope you are feeling better though!