Monday, July 11, 2005

I went to the Museum of Modern Art on Saturday, because my company is a corporate sponsor and I can get in for free (it's $20 normally). I saw some great stuff that was new to me, mostly in the drawing and photography galleries. But guess what? MoMA is a family destination now! Bring the kids. Challenging and obtuse art is fun for all ages! Step into a hushed viewing room and watch a few seconds of a weird video, and say in your outside voice, "What are they doing? I don't get it!" Show your six-year-old daughter the animated video of Henry Darger-esque people fucking in all different positions! Your son will delight in reaching his hand into the display of video monitors showing parts of the artist's nude body in order to point at the one with the penis!

It was seriously so crowded and the crowds were so noisy that by the time I made it to the top floor - where the Cezanne and Pizzaro exhibit is - I couldn't find the mental stamina to continue. I haven't been to a big-ass museum in a while, but I think touring one used to be kind of a quiet affair, like visiting a library. I blame tourism. Bring back a few more crack whores and make the city unfriendly to outsiders again!


av said...

Sounds very annoying. I think it would be worthwhile (for future generations) to email a complaint to customer service at the Moma and let them know your experience was messed up by the volume level, and would they please enforce a quiet policy. They have guards in almost every room, those people can ask loud people to keep it down, and they can put up signs and so on.


VenusNewYork said...

I hope you've seen the Cezanne and Pissaro exhibit since this posting. It is worthwhile. I visited on Saturday and it was quite comfortable. The guards were keeping people in line. Did you know that Target sponsors free night at the Moma every Thursday. A great chance to see the exhibit.