Monday, October 17, 2005

Something bad has happened.

I can no longer post from work.

I don't know why, but with the move, I have lost the ability to have cookies, or something, which makes no sense, because sites like the NY Times remembers my sign-in info from day to day. So, yeah. Maybe it's blogger-specific. Maybe they're onto me! Yikes.

What else? Oh, it rained a lot, for like ten days. Today it got sunny, very sunny, and for the first time our office was blasted with sunlight, making me search the storage boxes in the basement for a piece of yarn (and I found some), with which I hung my five-dollar pashmina as a curtain. But that wasn't enough, so I scrounged a large cardboard box that blocks the window nicely, although it's a bit tenementy. The building owner was supposed to supply shades before we moved in, but since real estate transactions never ever work out properly, there are no shades and no ETA for the shades.

On Saturday morning I drove to an estate sale in the pouring pouring rain. It was a very crappy little house a few feet from a busy road. An old Polish Catholic lady had lived there. She had an interesting living room set but I wasn't in the market for any furniture. It was the kind of estate sale that I love, where an entire household is for sale, so you are free to open drawers and pull stuff open and make an offer. (While I was in the kitchen a woman asked about the half-empty bottles of alcohol - not great stuff, mind you, as one was Manichewitz - and the estate sales guy said she could have them for free. She happily took them all.) Like many women of a certain age and class, the late woman was a sewer. She had a lot of bad, boring fabric, and like I've seen at other, similar sales, she had a curiously large number of zippers. But she also had some sewing pattern catalogs from the 60s-70s which I snatched right up. I dusted off the ol' scanner to share some choice shots with you. Enjoy!


Bill Dusty said...

On Internet Explorer, try going to TOOLS, INTERNET OPTIONS, then PRIVACY. Look to the bottom of the window, select "Edit", then type in "" (without the quotation marks). Click "allow".

See if that works to allow cookies so you can post.

- Bill

winterpills said...

those are awesome.

TB said...

Pants! That's awesome. I'm surprised she didn't have any patterns for gaucho pants with matching vests.

av said...

Hilarious!! Your comments were even funnier than the pattern covers. Of course. You are a funny friend!

av said...

p.s. teach me how to post links that go to other things.

old lady