Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Ads We Like and Why We Like Them:*

The one where the guy is humming the tune to "Karma Chameleon" and tries to convince his friend it's actually "Where tha Hood At?" Best part: the guy singing "Where's the hood?" to the tune of the "she comes and goes" part of the song.

The one where the guy is all psyched he ordered some cheap-ass pizza and saved money, so he tells his kids to turn on the light, and they cheer. Best part: After three seconds, he tells them, "Okay, lamp time's over," and the kids are all bummed out.

The one where the guy has a couple of voodoo dolls for cell phone charges or something, and once his co-worker tells him he won't need them anymore because there's a way-better cell phone plan out there for him, he says (Best part:) "Now I'm gonna make one for lonliness!"

All other ads suck. Yes, every one. But especially:

Any of the boring, boring, oh-my-god-so-mind-bendingly boring ones for Vehix or Carfax or whatever the fuck, where the entire 30 seconds is just watching a guy look at a car. Worst part: How frequently they play these ads.

The locally-produced (or just incredibly poorly-done) ads for fitness video hawker and generally creepy-looking John Basedow. Why do I know his name? Why, it's because of the catchy jingle they play, that sounds like it was recorded on some kid's Hello Kitty boombox:
Here's John Basedow!
He's gonna show you how
To reach your potential!

There's more but I am usually moaning in horror too loudly to hear it. Worst part: The stupid workouts they're selling are on video only. That shit is so 15 years ago.

Special radio station shout-out to the ad for a WAMC station benefit show starring some female folkie. The ad has been playing several times each morning for several months, I'm guessing. It starts with a line from one of the chick's songs, and it goes, "Summer's almost over, and I'm crying but I don't know why." I know this ad has been on forever because I'm pretty sure it was actually late summer when they first aired it. Worst part: The line is sung in such a weird way, it's hard to resist singing along mockingly, which then means I get the thing stuck in my head.

*Subtitled: I watch way too much television.


TB said...

I love that voodoo doll ad. Other ads that freak me out right now are the holiday ads for Overstock.com where everyone is dressed in warm matching clothes and singing faux carols. Scary.

Anonymous said...

Those Welch's grape juice ads with the freakishly precocious, freakishly supposed-to-be-cute-but-actually-just-freaky kids are really, really bad too.

Jennifer A

Anonymous said...

I think we win..."It's all good" car sales...the catch phrase "spread it 'round da hood, it's all good", right up there with "mo-money" tax services - both incorporate 30 something white guys all decked out in chicago era gangster suits...makes me want to move where they don't have tv reception

Anonymous said...

I can't seem to find anyone who has seen the karma chameleon commercial...I find it hilarious and I am unable to share such joy with others. I was curious if you knew of a spot on the internet that has that video. I wish to spread joy and laughter to all.