Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Holy crap, it's been an entire week since I posted. Sorry about that, y'alls.

Our trivia team won first place again last week. This time, when our name was announced, only a couple of people clapped, someone yelled, "We hate you!" and someone else yelled, "Stop coming!" They were kind of kidding ... kind of. It made me really snarky, and L and I kept saying comebacks quietly to each other, like, "Stop coming? Start winning!" and such. There's so much pressure being number one, with everyone being so jealous ... people just have no idea [tosses hair].

Today at the office someone set up a Nintendo Wii and I got to take a turn on it. We only got the sports game that comes with the console, so I boxed a coworker. It was pretty neato, and fun; we were definitely sweating by the end of our 3 rounds. The graphics are nothing special, though, and while it has the ability to go online and have you play other people remotely, no games will be available until well into 2007. I had thought my sister could buy one and I could buy one and we could beat each other up and stuff, but you'll only be able to do that right away with the PS3. And that fucker is $600. It's expensive because of the amazing graphics, but it also has stuff I have no need for, like super surround sound and a blu-ray disk player. My television is more than 10 years old and time has not been kind to it.

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Shorthands said...

i laughed out loud at your (tosses hair) writing. very nice. and congrats on being such amazing winners! i have friday off this week-maybe i'll come check you guys out.
meanwhile, boxing co-workers at work? your job and that game sounds like fun but...not that much fun. this is what i want to spend $600 on.

but that'll just sit there on the wall...your game is something one can learn from!! see ya soon!