Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Shit. I just noticed that I made a typo in my resume -- you know, the resume says I'm detail-oriented and have excellent proofreading skills. The error: I wrote "saavy" instead of "savvy" (neither looks correct to me, to be truthful, but the dictionary says savvy). I sent this resume to my previous workplace, for a job I am desperate to get. So, now the question is, what do I do about it? Hope they don't notice, or send a charming/funny/impressively-brave email fessing up to the mistake? Help me, people.


Anonymous said...

I would just ignore it. In the future don't use the word "savvy" in a resumé.

S-Way said...

Don't stress it. Your former workplace already knows who you are and how well you do your job. They probably didn't even read your resume (or just scanned it, if they did.)

Good luck with that job shizzle, BTW.

Avani said...

For interviews/job stuff, don't call any attention to your mistakes or weaknesses. No one cares. They'll notice, or not, but DO NOT bring it up. Just keep projecting confidence and don't ever spend any time talking about failures or apologizing for anything in an interview setting. Perception is not about reality, it's about spin. Embrace it and the world is your oyster. Plus, let me see your resume. I only spent a year and a half honing mine with all the best advice the world has to offer. -av

Anonymous said...

I second all previous advice.

I once got a job at Rutgers as the copyeditor of an academic business journal, my first copyediting job, even though I listed my graduate degree as being from Rutger. They never mentioned it in the interview, but the previous copyeditor, a friend who was at the interview and had recommended me, saw it and almost had a heart attack. Fortunately, she never said a word.