Monday, November 12, 2007

I am sick of the writer's strike. What's the thing people do a lot of when they're sick? Watch TV. And yet, I have no new Daily Shows and Colbert Reports to watch. LAME. I did make and enjoy some Jello today (raspberry flavor!), and played a bunch of Star Wars Battlefront II, and watched two episodes of Rome. I didn't even get out of bed until 12:30, because I had a horrible night of barely any sleep. My nose just kept seeping out. I kept thinking I had a nosebleed, but no, just snot. Fluid, watery snot. It's been a rough day. I am just entering the coughing/sore throat stage. I'm about to go to bed and I predict more misery.

I know, whine whine whine. There are children dying and wars happening and I am complaining about a silly cold. But it's my cold, I own it. It owns me, rather. And I have to blog today, so here it is.


S-Way said...

When I had that cold it really wasn't that bad. I mean, there was a lot of fluid in my head, lots of nose-blowing and whatnot, but my sleep was never effected and after a couple of days I felt better. Could've been helped by the antibiotics I was taking (for an unrelated matter), though. Also being a parent to young children is probably exhausting/distracting enough to make the cold seem not so big a deal. Maybe you could nanny some toddlers for a week and see if that makes you feel better.

debl said...

And maybe being unemployed and without health insurance would have made you feel worse. Things are tough all over.