Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy Birthday, 2008! Mine's been good so far. Me and the fella had lobsters at my house last night. The idea was that this would be cheaper than going out, but each lobster was about $20. Add almost $10 for salad fixin's and a $5 loaf of multi-grain bread, and that's some serious cash. It was all totally worth it. Then we went to the Sierra Grill to see the Steamtrain play, plus dance and drink some wine and kiss and hug our friends.

But that was all so totally last year. Today we made French toast out of the bread, then went snow-shoeing for the first time with our new snow shoes. It was snowing heavily with wet, thick globs that stuck to our clothing. We went on the pathway that goes up through the split rock (it's the area that's off-limits when it's tick season; it's like the tick projects up in there, with way too many ticks for the space, all desperate to mug you for some food) and through the pine forest. Snowshoeing kind of feels like marching. It's all about the big exaggerated steps and big strides. When we got back, we finished up the loaf of bread by making grilled cheese, ate leftover salad, and drank hot cocoa with many mini-marshmallows. And then we played
a nerdy game
for a few hours.

Tomorrow the party's over, as are the holidays. I plan on working much more seriously on the whole job search process. I figure all I'll have to do is look at my bank account online every morning, and that'll help me find the motivation I need.

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toisiemem said...

I just found your blog while doing reasearch on the LPA. So, um hi! My partner and I moved to LP recently and I too am dealing with the whole unemploment thing. Maybe we should help each other by e-mailing words of encouragement or really bad jokes from down the street. P.S. I really am not sketchy!