Thursday, September 18, 2008

Butterfly update! My little transformed friend has flown the coop! On Tuesday, CJ called me to tell me that the butterfly had hatched (sometime in the late morning). He sent me a cell phone picture and took a shot with my camera:
Just born monarch

When I got home, the butterfly was standing on the bottom of the pitcher, looking either tired or near death:
Sad monarch

After the light had been on for a few minutes, he got very lively and ended up near the top of the pitcher, hanging off a twig I'd put in there. Much better.
The next morning it was time to set him free. I brought the pitcher outside and made him get on my fingers.
Why, hello there
He reluctantly got onto the morning glory vine I offered him, and then he just sat. It was too cold to fly (they need it to be 60 degrees out or warmer, says the internets) so he just hung out.

Butterfly on a vine
I kept trying to get a photo of him with his wings open, but he just sat there. And every time I'd give up, he'd open his wings for a moment. We eventually figured out that he opened his wings in response to my hand going up and down close to his back, so I gently waved my hand behind him, and got this:
Monarch, wings open
By the time I got home from work that day, it was gone, of course. I hope it started flying due south as soon as the sunlight hit it.


No Stand In Will Do said...

this is great. this is what i love in a blog: growth, discovery, beauty, adventure. brava!

lauren said...

i hatched a monarch butterfly a few weeks ago!
i found the the chrysalis on the door jamb at work.

it was fun and cute...i miss him a little.