Monday, February 16, 2009

Continuing in the same vein, I have a few shots of our hotel. It's actually called a "resort" but it's pretty much motel-level lodgings in a gorgeous natural setting. We stayed in one of the single-room cabanas.

The signs at the entrance:

CJ and a dog (there were three) at the Midas office. Behind the little gate is the office where we spent a bunch of time arranging our day trips with Marie, one of the co-owners.

Cement pathways out back lead to the various cabanas and cabins. There's a patch of ground for campers, too.

Midas had three dogs (I think) living there. Like all of the dogs we saw, they lived entirely outdoors and were not spayed or neutered. This one got a nasty gash on an ear one night, which was not treated in any way I could see. Other than that, they seemed to be in dog heaven.

This is one of the three dogs at our hotel. She has oddly-splayed-out front legs, kind of like a dachshunds', though she is labrador-sized. Like the other dogs, she was friendly and well-behaved.

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