Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My mom sent me this in an email; she found it written on an old scrap of paper:

[Crossed out at the top is "This play is by Debbie," which makes me
think I was taking dictation for the early sentences.]

Debbie, Sarah, and Wendy present a play called "The Mother, The Father, The
Little Kitten, and The Roasted Horse."

The Little Kitten came home pulling a horse in a cart. She wants roasted
horse for dinner. They roast it and eat it, and then the Little Kitten
decides it was her pet horse. Then the Father remembers that when she was at
camp she learned how to make a horse alive again. "Let's see, if I can only
remember...Refrigerate 2 1/2 hours, put salt and pepper on it..."

(The horse is placed under the tall speaker that is serving as the refrigerator. But while the horse is refrigerating, the whole plot changes and the casts wander off to a different set. The horse is left under (in) the refrigerator, and the audience has to put it away.)

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