Thursday, May 14, 2009

Helloooooooooo! Is anybody in here? *taps door*


Well, here I am. Why haven't I written? Because I keep having to write how-to lists like this (actual list; all items need to be completed by noon Saturday, only two or three are done):

Find people who will let us borrow their barbecue grills
Make sample paper kite, procure all ingredients to make multiple kites, make template for kite
Figure out how much food we should buy for an unknown number of people (could be 10, could be 50)
Then, find someone with a CostCo membership who wouldn't mind driving down to West Springfield with us and letting us use their card (I actually found one! A total angel. We are going right after work tomorrow.)
Dust and swab down large screened-in patio, tables, and chairs
Wash two loads of drinking glasses and melamine plates
Find/borrow/purchase Bingo set
Set up parking signs
Send multiple emails and make multiple calls to multiple people arranging help and promoting the event

This is all so dumb. It's for a neighborhood picnic/party thing that my neighbor/coworker K and I are hosting as part of the association we're heading up, and not many people have told us they're coming, so we have no idea what the reception will be. K and I want to live in a place full of interesting, open, and friendly people, but we sure do seem to live amongst a fair share of complainers. And when a person works full time and is giving up big chunks of free time to make something like this happen, and some retiree has some minor complaint about this or that, it can be hard to not say, "Hey you know what? We're just trying to do something fun, for neighbors to get to know each other and have fun. It's taken us hours to put it all together. YOU'RE WELCOME."

Not that I know anyone in a position like that personally. *cough*

Whatever; our goal is to keep the event relatively simple so that we can have fun at it, even if nobody else shows up beyond the few people who promised to help us. Fun is our goal.

I haven't even mentioned the crap going on at work, which I won't, because I do not want to get fired. My job is not in jeopardy or anything -- not today, at least -- but let's just say I have had more than usual to drink the past two nights (which means having two drinks instead of the usual one. Don't freak out, mom). And CJ's motherfucking cat now meows loudly and non-stop from the first dawn's light onward. It's like having a newborn baby, what with the sleep disruption, though at least if it WERE a baby I could breastfeed the fucking thing to get it to fall back asleep.

Time for bed, more later. Thanks for still reading.

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