Tuesday, February 10, 2004

The Citgo station on Rt. 9, near the Coolidge bridge, has a new advertising banner. It says, simply, "We know you."

We know you.

So don't try to hide, because we are on to you. We have got your number, muthafucka, and we know where you live. We know what you like to eat for breakfast, and who you sleep with at night. We know you.

Sure makes me want to go buy some gas for my car!

Seriously, I do not get it. Who wants to be "known" by a big faceless company, in this day and age? Did Citgo not get the memo about the public's huge concern over loss of privacy and identity theft?

What makes it weirder is that the banner is on the same station that offers full service, and the full service provider guy is a kind of odd, extra-friendly person. Last time I was there he offered to clean my rear windshield and he did so, but he did it poorly, leaving a big streak of un-squeegeed water. (It was a big improvement, though.) He then apologized to me, saying "I'm just no good at cleaning windshields."

Well, I can understand that, since it's such a tricky tool to truly master. Except, you know, it's not.

I can't complain much, though, because they give you full service for the same price as regular self-serve gas over on King Street. So if you don't mind being "known," and it's really cold or rainy, I'd go over there.

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