Monday, February 23, 2004

Hi everyone. First off, enjoy this pic of my neice doing her Jack Benny impression:

I thought I wouldn't be going down to Brooklyn to visit her next until mid-to late-March, but looking at these new photos makes me want to go visit sooner.

This weekend I acted like a shut-in, only venturing outside for supplies and dog-walks. It was pretty great, actually, though spending so much time alone in my apartment gets me to thinking Bad Thoughts. (When is this world coming to?) Thoughts like, What is my purpose here? What am I doing with my limited time on Earth? Am I happy, or just content? Am I content, or bored? Am I bored, or content? What career would I have if I could have any one I choose, and how could I get into that career without going into massive amounts of debt? (Impossible, as it turns out.)

I didn't actually figure anything out, just planted some seeds of discontent. Maybe they'll grow into a major life change, maybe (probably, sadly) not. Maybe I'll do something foolish, like buy a condo. Maybe I'll go to the Amherst Massage School like I've been threatening to (to myself) for years.

I spent a lot of my weekend crafting. Go on over to Craftytown to read about that. I was in a fury of thing-making, which helped me feel worthy and good about myself, plus it's fun. And while I crafted I listened to my David Sedaris - Live at Carnegie Hall CD, and it was very funny. And then I listened to a couple of This American Lifes on my computer. And a bunch of CDS.

I also had guests over on Saturday night, the first time I've ever really done that at my tiny apartment. In keeping with the shut-in theme, we played Cranium and Scrabble, and I tried in vain to keep people well-snacked. But I discovered that the frozen Crab Bites, which I had been relying upon as a mid-evening snack, had expired in February of 2003, so we had to rely on the last third of a bag of corn chips (but with plenty of salsa) and some fading grapes the New Guy brought. Next time I'm getting some Munchkins because they are a wonderful party food. Shut up, they are.

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