Monday, June 07, 2004

I wrote a cranky post over at Craftytown about the parade I decided not to attend yesterday. It might have been fun, had I gone with a bunch of friends, or a boyfriend if I had one. I'm still a bit sick, very phlegmy with the coughing and the nose-blowing and the unforgiveable "haaawk!" noises that I sometimes make when I forget that I'm at work in an open-plan office and everyone around me is cringing in revulsion. I really only do that very very rarely, but I'm sure it's happened. But what am I supposed to do, leave the building every two minutes to blow my nose and keep from drowning? Stay home for a week and a half just because I have a slight cold?


Anonymous said...

As long as it's short-lived, a little hawking is completely understandable. At my work though, we have a chronic throat-clearing, phelgm-hawking nightmare. And she vocalizes her sputum all day, every day.

So cough and hack as much as you need, oh headmistress of the headcold. But if it goes on for a while, get some cough drops.

debl said...

I am fairly quiet until around 4:00 or so, when my body suddenly decides it has Had Enough With All of This Phlegm, and I am induced to coughing and snorting every other minute or so. I think this cold just wants to go home early.

Anonymous said...

That's one sly sickness!

This woman though, who has been dubbed "The Throat," has been acutely ill for two solid weeks. To my knowledge, she has not sought medical treatment -- even though she sounds like a walking TB ward. Chernobyl victims sound more healthy.