Tuesday, June 29, 2004

This is all purely hypothetical speculation.

If a girl, hypothetically, has an online personals ad, and that girl's profile says she is looking for a certain age range (a range reasonably centered around her own, clearly posted, age), would you contact the girl if you were the same age as the girl's father, and seriously expect a response?

Similarly, would you expect a response from a girl if your "More about what I'm looking for" answer said only "a woman who knows how to pleasure a man"?

Say you're about ten years older than the upper end of a girl's age range. And you also say, without irony, that one of your favorite songs is the James Taylor/Carly Simon version of "Mockingbird." Would you still think you had enough of a shot to spend a credit sending a message?


Anonymous said...

Yikes! Perhaps it is better to be a boy with a hypothetical online personal ad. Fewer creepy old ladies out there.

av said...

If all those things were true about me, I would have a warped sense of reality and yes, I would think I have a shot. I mean, who doesn't want a woman who knows how to pleasure a man. I commend the creepy old man for putting it all out there. Now you know to stay away!

debl said...

The "pleasure a man" comment was all the more striking because the person's profile didn't include a photo or much in the way of any other information (uh, hypothetically). I mean, I know how to "pleasure a man," but why would anyone want to waste their skills on some anonymous, selfish jerk?

Anonymous said...

Don't reject me because I'm old and in prison! I love you, baby--it can work out!

(Oops, did I say "in prison"? Kinda slipped out.)

Old Guy

P.S.--you do know how to pleasure me, right?