Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Dude, if spraying Summer's Eve on my "personal area" makes it glow as brightly as a lighthouse, I'd rather go without it. (Props to Some Girl for the link.)


Rick said...

It is a very disturbing image. She looks like Emma Peel with an jellyfish around her neck. Most bizarre. Although it does bring new meaning to the phrase "the light at the end of the tunnel."

Anonymous said...

Shine on you crazy diamond!


av said...

They also recommend keeping the wipes in your gym bag or in your desk at work. Then when that cute guy from accounting comes over to rummage for a paper clip when I'm not around, he can come across my Summers Eve Wipes, and laugh and tell everyone. Then they'll announce it over the loudspeaker in the cafeteria at lunch and I'll never be popular, ever!!!

Brook said...

I can just picture the conversation between the client (Summer's Eve) and the ad/design firm when they chose to go forward with this concept. That meeting MUST HAVE been all men:

GUY #1: ... so, then the light went on and I just decided this idea would work perfectly for your new look. What is your reaction?

GUY #2: I think your solution is great, man. You're a bright guy. Very big improvement over the last comp you brought us.

GUY #1: Yeah, the crotch-less pants idea was definitely too literal. Fortunately, the light covers that part of the image.

The Infinite Hex said...

Truly funny...what idiots to create such an image!