Monday, February 21, 2005

Being the artsy little fucker I am, I had to go down to the city to see Christo's Gates in Central Park. I knew it would be crowded and crazy and it was. It was also strange and beautiful and festive. I created an Ofoto album, my first one. These were all taken with my fairly crappy little camera, but they give you an idea of what it was like.

Also included: bonus koi footage!


kb said...

Great photos, debl. I have been wanting to make the trip, but I am thinking I may miss the Gates, which will make me sad. Would you recommend the experience or is it fine enough to look at the pictures?

debl said...

Well, life is always different when you're there. But I think it would also be okay to miss. I personally like being part of huge shared experiences like this (also: baseball games, concerts, street festivals) but some people hate it. I also had a place to stay and an easy drive down.

If you want to go, I'd recommend either going on a weekday or visiting the northern part of the park, which I was told by a volunteer was much less crowded. We were with all of the tourists coming from the Plaza area.