Tuesday, May 10, 2005

[Here's a typical blog post for ya. Feel free to skip.] It's my first weekend living in Manhattan and how do I spend it? Watching TV with my sister and her husband. Actually, that's not true. Friday after work a local friend took me wall-climbing at a rec center way West on 59th. I learned how to belay and everything, and nobody fell on my watch. I did great with the climbing part, too, until my arms just kind of gave up. Afterwards we met some of her friends at a Thai place in Brooklyn and we had a fun dinner. And then I went home, but it was 11 p.m. by then, so it didn't feel like a waste of an evening.

Saturday I met my sis in the East Village and we wandered around until it was time for shape-note singing at the Living Room in the Lower East Side. Which was very nice to do. They're a new group, with only a few proficient singers, so I felt very useful during the songs I knew. They sang a bunch I had never done before; different singing schools have different favorite songs to call. I stayed there until it was done at 6, and then I walked around the LES some more. Man, that neighborhood has changed a lot. It's half untouched regular neighborhood where people live, half overpriced clothing boutiques filled with handmade stuff. Plus Moby's vegan tea cafe place, Teany, is down there (stopped in, they didn't have chocolate chip cookies, so I didn't get anything). While I was aimlessly wandering, my bro-in-law called and invited me over to Brooklyn for dinner. At this point I was so tired of walking I couldn't imagine making it the 20 or so blocks back to my apartment, and THEN having to figure out how to get dinner, and then be alone for the night - so of course I said yes. So he made a big pot of shrimp and scallops pasta sauce and we chowed down while I tried to catch up on this season of Deadwood. I love that cocksuckin' show.

And Sunday I came back to Brooklyn for bagels and then a nice walk in the park with the fam. My parents came in. There was a lot of the five adults watching the tiny niece whilst rapt with wonder. And then there was some other stuff but it's all boring, and then it was Monday and time for work. Tonight I went to Metropol down in the East Village, a bar where they show a horror movie each Monday night at 10 for free. Today's was Hellraiser, which is as gross as I remember, with acting much worse and more hilarious than I remember. So that was fun. There are a lot of awesome places within walking distance of my apartment. I discovered a 24-hour diner three blocks away. This may help me in the future. And there's the update for you.


Rick M said...

Hi Debl-

Nice update. Glad to learn you're settling in. You sound happy; that's great.

Way to go climbing. I've been a fairly serious climber for years (since I was fifteen, so that's a long time). There's actually a decent wall in Northampton at the NAC athletic club on King St. by the fire station. In case you get the bug sometime when you're back up here (there's good REAL rock, too, in Ashfield and Northfield).

Sarah and I will be in Manhattan this coming Sunday and Monday (part business, all fun: ICFF, Surtex, Cooper Hewitt, design stuff).


Kelsey said...

Hi there -

I, like Rick, am glad to see you settled and already out shape singing and rock wall scaling.

And I also just plain like Rick.

See you when you fly in for a visit. We'll try to keep busy in the meantime.

Kelsey said...

(Kelsey #2...)Hey Debl- It's nice to know what you're up to. I'm glad to hear you're settling in. Dave and I would love to see you whenever you're in town/ we're in the city.

Take care,
Kelsey #2

Kristen said...

Hi Debl- My name is not Kelsey, but I do like Rick (and the Kelseys) a whole bunch.

Happy to see you are settling in.

Rick M said...

Aw shucks. I think each and every one of you are absolute peaches.