Thursday, May 19, 2005

Meet my neighbors! Rich people are crazy. (Of course I'm on the side of unfussy wildness, though I don't want a tree to fall on me, either.)

p.s. This is a New York Times article, so you may have to register to read it. Go to for an anonymous name/password.


Brian said...

Hi Debbie.
Boring Noho nights just aint the same. But I'd give anything to have more than 2 blocks to walk around. It gets to be like the Truman show here.
Hopefully A+I will get ourselves to the city for a weekend.
Mark June 17 down--Mulcahy at Joe's Pub. 425 Lafayette St Manhattan.
I know not if I'm there too. But go either way.
see you later

av said...

You must find a way to post fotos!

Henning said...

This is one of the best things ever:

"Now, with so many trees down, Mr. James said, the squirrels are gnawing at the windowsills of the National Arts Club."

Straight out of a Gorey book. These people are obviously completely insane. I'm also amazed that this counted as news in the Times.

av said...

I think the Times is just reporting on its neighborhood... (places like) Gramercy Park are very New York. I am starting to get annoyed with that paper, though, the way that just cause they report something we're all supposed to be outraged. And maybe we are, but I feel manipulated...