Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Some randomness:

I made a big mistake at work, and though the mistake was solely a result of my supervisor not informing me of something I should have been paying attention to, I still hate myself for not magically discovering what to do by myself.

A little tip: Have the Quiznobots put your sandwich through the toaster twice, so that it actually becomes toasted.

Bob Loblaw is the best character name ever, and makes me giggle a lot. "Don't talk nonsense to Bob Loblaw!" Hee hee heeee.

There's a level in the new Katamari Damacy game where your katamari is a ball of fire, and if you don't pick anything up for several seconds, your fire goes out. It is hard.

In related news, my sister has been mugging whores for money in her spare time. She says it makes her feel kinda bad, but that the hookers have the most cash on them, so what can you do? (By the way, if you want to watch a movie version of Vice City, go see Transporter 2. I think some of the scenes were just captured video from some guy's Playstation.)

Actually, I'd rather not click to "find out more about Britney's new scent," thanks.


av said...

Aw! I hate making mistakes, especially at work!!! This is one of virgo's least favorite things. Hang in there, I hear everyone makes mistakes.

Tits McGee said...

Would that be "Placenta?" Mmm...yummy.

Is your sister using the doubleheaded dildo to mug the whores? That is some fun.

I love your chowflaps so, Miss Debl.

debl said...

Thanks, mystery woman with the best blogger name ever!

Is there really a dildo available as a "melee weapon"? That would be awesome, though kind of gross too. And I'd think not as efficient as a hammer or a baseball bat.

I would imagine Britney smells like stale cigarettes and cold tater tots.

Anonymous said...

You can find the doubleheaded dildo in the basement of the police station, in the shower stall (I think), if you really need to. Effectiveness I can speak to not.

I think Britney probably smells like the cool autumn breeze wafting between her ears.

debl said...

I was about to do a google search on "Vice City dildo" to confirm that, but then I remembered that I was at work.

Tits McGee said...

True, true. The shower stall in the police basement is where you'll find it. I think effectiveness is not the issue so much as just the sheer delight of beating the crap out of people with a sex toy.

As to my identity, it's not such a mystery, my friend, though I'll remain coy and not tip my hat too much. For now, I'll just concede that you and I haven't had a date in about 18 months, due to a certain young lady who consumes my every waking hour, and that you have seen my better half on more than one occasion during that time.

And I promise to get off my ass and call you soon.

debl said...

A-ha! I have one word for you, miss:

Tits McGee said...

Ha ha! You so got reamed out for that by a certain landlord, didn't you?

Ah, memories.