Wednesday, April 05, 2006

I woke up this morning and looked outside, and it was snowing. There was snow coating all of the trees and the bushes and the leafy buds on the trees and the bushes (lots of leafy buds, since it is, after all, April). It made me happy because now I have a good topic of conversation during the press event I'm attending tomorrow. I love to travel on someone else's dime but there's always shmoozing involved. I find that to be hard work. I am a quiet person until I feel like I really know someone, but in these situations I have to be chatty -- at least a little chatty, until I think up a way to escape and go off on my own. This particular event involves riding a new ride, and I really don't want to get stuck riding it with one of my "contacts," because on this ride, screaming will be happening, and that's just kind of strange and icky and too intimate to do with a person with whom you have only a professional relationship.

Anyway, it's very cold out today, and I had to break out the legwarmers (to wear under my jeans) for one last time. Did you know that not only are bubble skirts back in style, but leggings are, too? I can't believe that 80's fashion trends are back. I am going to assume the leggings-with-tunic look is not going to be worn by anyone over, say, age 25; some trends, like the shrug, or fake-vintage t-shirts, don't usually rise up into my age range, probably because people in their 30s like me wore bubble skirts the first time around (and they looked ridiculous back then, too) and have t-shirts that are old and worn-out enough to be genuine vintage. I don't think I ever owned a bubble skirt, but I do still have a pair of leggings I got as a teen from Contempo Casuals (which was very hip in my high school). They're black and have lace trim, and Urban Outfitters is currently selling an exact replica of them. Perhaps this means I can liberate them from underneath my pants! Except I don't want to look like that too-skinny blonde woman on South Street who appears to be in her 40s but dresses like she's 16. Hmmm...

One good thing about this season's fashion for girls/women: The shirts are very forgiving. They're long, and often they're not tight -- in fact, most of them are quite flowy and poofy. You can see what I mean here and here and here.

However, note that the worst trend of 80's fashion has appeared: The geometric graphic. Look at this shirt, and despair.


Anonymous said...

I have a few fashion-related comments. 1. The bubble skirt always has and always will make the wearer look like she's got a load in your pants. Even though she's wearing a skirt. 2. Though the shirts you link to offer good flesh coverage, they are not flattering. The last two in particular look like depressing 60's-era housecoats. Maybe a teen could rock that look with an ironic attitude and some tight pants, but no one else should attempt it. 3. That geometric shirt isn't so bad. For the bad 80s version of that, the pattern would have to cover the entire shirt. For a good example, see either of our closets circa 1985.

Also: I was walking through Union Square (NYC) the other day, thinking about the 80s fashion revival and how I had yet to see anyone actually wearing examples of it in the flesh. And of course as soon as I thought that I spotted a gal wearing a short poufy skirt with
leggings and flats. Oy!
- S.Way

Tits McGee said...

Go visit your alma mater, S. You'll be swimming in 80s-inspired fashion. Everywhere you turn, there's cuffed skinny leg jeans, aviator sunglasses, jelly bracelets, "vintage" tees, and even, yes, legwarmers. Worn on the outside.

I am old.