Friday, March 31, 2006

Another Spring sign: Rich people have taken their convertibles out of the garage and are driving them around town. I've seen two already (both little Jaguars, I think). It's only a matter of time before we see Zeke in his tiny orange car.

A friend just told me a rumor that Smokin' Lil's, the really awesome BBQ place downtown, is closing. I am very unhappy and am currently choosing to be in denial about it. The place is never crowded when I go, even on weekends when there's an hour and a half wait at the neighboring Eastside, so I suppose the writing was on the wall. Lil's is fabulous, though, and I've never gotten a bad meal there. Damn it! If only a few of those Longmeadow/Connecticut people dining at Eastside decided to try Smokin' Lil's instead, this would never have happened.


Tits McGee said...


I. Can't. Live. Without. Lil's.


Amy said...

It seems like that's the way of the world, doesn't it? You find something fantastic, but then it goes away. Like Snackwell's chocolate yogurt. What happened to that stuff?!

I'm sorry about Lil's.

Tits McGee said...


Ate at Lil's last night, and the rumors are NOT TRUE. It's true that their business has been slow since they moved, but they have no plans to close. So let's all start pigging out on BBQ a lot more often.

av said...

SNOW??? SNOW??? You do know there's another way to live, right?