Monday, June 19, 2006

I know this sounds crazy, but I swear I just saw Seth Green, the actor, inside Better Thyme Deli. He had a cowboy hat on, and was sitting at the table that's kind of hidden behind the drinks cooler, chatting with a friend who had a stuffed-full loose-leaf binder. I wasn't quite sure it was him, but then as I was extra-slowly filling up my salad bar container, I heard him say the words "my next project" and then "television show". So I am now 90 percent sure it was him. But in town for what? A coworker suggested I ask whoever's working at Pleasant Street Video today, which is a fine idea as those kids have their fingers on the pulse of the local film production schedule.


av said...

Hey, I'm the one that's supposed to be seeing stars out here in California! I like Seth Green, especially when I was into Buffy. But now I look back and go, how did I get into Buffy? But Seth Green is still cool. Seems like a real cool guy. Plus, cowboy hat? HOT.

debl said...

I liked him in Buffy too, and also as Scott Evil from the Austin Powers movies. If it was him, the fact that he was eating at the cheapest deli in town makes him extra cool.