Wednesday, June 28, 2006

It's been raining super-hard all day, and I'm bummed about it only because a co-worker with a nice house with a nice big meadow-y yard invited a bunch of us over for a BBQ tonight to watch the fireflies. I miss having a yard, especially a yard where fireflies might like to gather (you know, NOT THAT I'M BITTER). I took a walking tour around the weird, tiny village of Laurel Park last weekend, where a bunch of tiny cottages are for sale at condo prices (all I can afford, apparently)... One of them I've seen in the real estate pages for many months, and finally saw in person; it's a nice small size, and has a nice very tiny patio, but the main problem is that it's right up next to the other houses, and there's only one parking space with no other parking anywhere nearby. Laurel Park is not designed for people who would like the occasional guest at their home. There's another cottage that's better positioned, bigger, and with a more private yard, but it's appropriately more expensive, and I'm getting cold feet about the whole thing. I have a couple of women friends who have managed to buy small houses in this town, so I should just wait it out until i can find one, too, instead of settling.

Sorry if this is terribly boring, but I'm in my early-mid-30s, and that means I am contractually obligated to become obsessed with real estate.

Edited: It stopped raining, and the bbq did happen. The fireflies put on quite a show for us. I bruised my thumb playing volleyball. Also, some work friends and I did bar trivia at the Deuce tonight; if our answer sheet had been a test, our team would have gotten an F (wait, is there anything lower than an F?).

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