Monday, March 19, 2007

Went to the South Face Farm sugar shack in Ashfield yesterday, and it was pretty much perfect; The foot or so of snow was freshly plowed so the roads were clear, but we still got a pretty half-hour drive through snow-blanketed countryside. As we entered Ashfield it started flurrying fluffy, sparkly snow. We had about a half-hour wait in their newly expanded (though largely unheated) waiting area which has old farm implements, abandoned wasp nests, and squirrel-chewed sap tubing to look at. Plus, and this is important, they have serve-yourself coffee for a buck a cup. Unfortunately, the sap boiler wasn't on; the sap has been barely flowing this year. Apparently the trees are all confused due to the weird winter we've been having. We were seated right by a window framed by picturesque icicles hanging down from the eaves just above, and looked out on a birdfeeding station. While we were there the icicles slowly slumped and fell off. The food was awesome, of course; whole wheat pancakes with blueberries, bacon on the side. The corn fritters are perfect but please, you really only need one. In fact, split one with somebody. The only problem with the sugar shack experience is that it's not much of a "get up and go!" breakfast. Even with the coffee we were in sugar-n'-carb-comas for hours. But it was so worth it.

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