Friday, March 23, 2007

Work is very busy, everything flying at me at once (there was a logjam, and it wasn't me, I just get all of the suddenly-free timber flying down the river). Snow is melting. There was a lot, so it'll take a while; be patient.

I always forget how fantastic the broasted chicken is at Bluebonnet Diner. We went there last night and had to sit in the lounge because it was so busy. The lounge was renovated a couple of years ago, getting updated from mid-70s decor to late-70s decor (thank H for that one). Even though smoking hasn't been allowed in there for years, it still looks like a place where you should smoke; a bar with dark barstools, low lighting, dark carpet, tall booths and tables too close to each other. Pay it no mind; get the three-piece broasted (one piece is a tiny wing, so it's not a tremendous amount of food) with fries or mashed, and a way-too-generous helping of coleslaw, and you'll be happy. Please note, however, that the Bluebonnet is closed on Sundays. Ridiculous, I know.

When I think about the Bluebonnet being closed Sundays (one of the best days to eat at a diner) I get the same feeling of injustice that I get when I think about trivia night. See, the Rug Burns have a rival team, a team that often just-barely beats us, a team that frequently comes in first place. The first place team wins the largest amount of money, so this matters. This particular team has the trivia master's girlfriend as a member. Now, everyone who is friends with trivia master guy (and he's a sweetheart, funny and kind) says that he's a straight-shooter and that he definitely doesn't share the questions with his significant other. But, dear readers, he and his girlfriend live together. Inevitably, they watch the same TV shows and movies, hear the same music, talk about whatever interesting news item they've read recently. In short, she absorbs much of the same media that he uses to come up with questions. It's incredibly obvious to me that she shouldn't be playing. It LOOKS like it gives their team an unfair advantage, even if it truly doesn't. (Though I think it does.) So far I haven't been asshole-ish enough to do anything about this except complain, but my indignation at the unfairness of the situation grows a little every time they beat us. I can't help it, I want things to be fair. Fairness, everywhere, for reals.

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Shorthands said...

I love it when things are fair, yo.