Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I've been in San Diego for three days, and tomorrow morning we (me and CJ) fly to Maui. I think we're on Oceanic flight 815 or something? It is warm and sunny here -- sunny in that aggressive southern California way. We wore shorts and sandals to the zoo today, in fact. I am sick with a nasty cold, and I've been trying to take it easy; it would be tragic if I was too sick to go into the ocean in Hawaii. My pessimism is foreseeing tonsilitis and sinus infections and bronchitis. My lady problem feels better, though I've been on ibuprofren non-stop so it's hard to say what the hell's going on in there. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Some small things:

CJ called a stranger "bro" the other day. After a pedestrian waved us through an intersection (we've been driving his dad's enormous SUV), he said, "Thanks, bro" out of the open window. He's returning to his native ways.

His parents really, really want grandchildren and are quite open about it (in a joking way). CJ is the youngest of three and it looks like it's all going to come down to him. They may have to settle for a cyst.

We have eaten great sushi and real Mexican food and a couple of smoothies (one a Jamba Juice, one a Jamba competitor) and have paid for very little of it. This will change once we're on the island.

During my naps, CJ has been catching up on Lost. He's still in the second season, and he just saw the episode where Shannon dies. I was like, "Shannon?" I had forgotten about her. It's hard to not say anything like "Have they met the Tailies yet?" and ruin it all. But I am good with spoilers.

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