Tuesday, February 26, 2008

So, how's work? It's great, so far. It's kind of embarrassing how much I am enjoying it. Even being bored there (because I haven't had much to do) feels better than being bored at home. I guess I'm one of those introverts who actually needs to have people around, at least in the background, so I can talk to them when I feel like it. My new cubicle is by a window that faces the parking lot and a brick wall, so I'm considering making it a little nicer somehow. A paper silhouette of a tree? There is nothing alive in sight, and it's a big-ass window. (I do have an easy view of my ex-boyfriend's apartment window, so that's ... special. It was a short relationship and I have no sadness about him, but it's funny that he's Right. There. And will be, 40 hours a week.)

At the same time I'm feeling satisfied, I also feel the occasional twinge of, "Huh... I'm back here again." Like maybe I let myself down by not completely changing careers, or staying freelance. But I don't need to stay here forever, and in the meantime, it's nice to be getting paid, with paid time off (only three weeks, but still).

I will miss the free, poor-person's, state-provided health insurance, though. Man, that was sweet.

P.S. Still missing Maui, though the two inches of show and then the pouring rain I walked through after work today made those sunny memories fade a little.

P.P.S. I now have FOUR cysts, two on each thingy, but the new doctor says there's nothing to do except wait until they go away, or wait until they hurt so much I decide to get them removed laparoscopically. And I think I am now going to stop discussing my lady bits on here. At least for the near future. So just relax, champ.

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