Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I had my pre-op meeting and blood-draw yesterday. My doctor sensed my interest in Thog, and said she would be able to show me photos afterwards. (Of what, she did not say.) I'm not sure I actually want to look, but maybe she can just describe it to me... Also, she and another doctor disagree about what this thing is, so there's still a chance it's endometriosis. Whatever. Also, I'm not allowed to eat or drink or even take a painkiller after midnight tonight, so I'll be in some pain by the time I show up at the hospital for surgery, which will provide some nice incentive for me.

I tried a Vicodin last night. It was ok. I felt super anxious when I woke up at 5 a.m.; I wasn't in pain, but I was freaked out, worried I was going to barf from the Vicodin. Have I mentioned before that I don't like drugs? I don't. Y'all can have your fun with the recreational drugs, I don't judge, and in fact I wish I had the capacity to enjoy them. But I know that I don't. Anyway, the Vicodin works in that I was able to fall asleep and I wasn't in pain, so I have that going for me. I am feeling really dopey and stupid today at work, however.

It's not the barfing that worries me -- a little vom never hurt anyone -- it's the nausea. My doctor said they'll give me something to eat and drink in recovery, and when I said "what about barfing?" she said that if I felt sick, then obviously they wouldn't give me stuff to eat -- plus, the IV will still be in, and they can give me some anti-nausea medication. Sweet. She also said there would be warmed blankets available -- I had forgotten the crazy chills I felt after my wisdom teeth extraction, and how good it felt when I finally got warm (like an hour later; I was at home by the time I got cold).

Anyway, blah blah blah. Tomorrow it's a fond goodbye to Thog. I'm ok with it. At least, this minute I'm ok.

p.s. One of the sheets in the packet of info they gave me at the hospital says, "Do not make any important decisions for at least 24 hours after your surgery." I'd better block eBay from my laptop, or I could end up owning a used car in Seattle or something...


S-Way said...

Mmmmm -- warmed blankets. If/when you get them, imagine that, instead of warm blankets, buckets of cold water were being poured over your lower half. That's what they did to me while I was shivering uncontrollably after my second birthing experience. They were all "bla bla bla, the hot water is broken in this room, we have to wash away the blood to stitch you up, bla bla." And I was all MUST YOU DO THAT, REALLY?

I know, this has nothing to do with you. I'm sorry. I think you will want to look at the photos of Thog. Much like how I like looking at the photo of my burgeoning placenta (I did it again! I can't help it.) It is fun to see parts of yourself that are usually inside you.

Anonymous said...

Love, love, love from New Jersey. All will go well, I swear. See if you can tell that time has passed when they wake you up--it's the weirdest feeling to know that Efforts were Undertaken but for you time was folded and did not occur. Be gentle and calm with self. Much resting will follow. We'll be thinking about you all morning.

Love, M&D

Laura said...

De-lurking to tell you I hope all goes well tomorrow. Hope you have someone to take you, pick you up and take good care of you tomorrow afterward.