Friday, June 27, 2008

So, CJ lives with me now, which is very good so far. And we are thinking about getting a joint account for bill-paying. But I am kind of enjoying the $75 in interest I earn with my special rewards checking account... interest I only get if I've made 12 ATM transactions over the month. Several of those are made at grocery stores, where CJ and I would probably be using the joint account. Plus, of course, a lot of the money currently sitting in my personal account would go to the joint, which would be fine if all accounts fit the "12 transactions a month" rule. I imagine I'd be buying packs of gum at CVS just to hit the quota at the end of the month... Maybe a joint account isn't the way to go at all.
So, I ask you, other people living in sin (or even legally together): How do you pay the bills together?


Anonymous said...

One person pays and collects cash from the other. Separate accounts.

Jennifer Myszkowski said...

I pay all the bills and the Count hands me a wad of cash. I'm not sure I like it this way, but it's not exactly broken. It would make sense to get some kind of joint account, but the idea kind of scares me, frankly.

debl said...

The "one person pays bills, the other pays the first person" thing seems to be the consensus. So we're going to try that for now, I think.