Wednesday, June 18, 2008

So I have a new roommate. Yes, CJ moved in on Sunday, and I haven't kicked him out yet, and he hasn't left in a cloud of anger and disgust yet either. It's good. I firmly believe that we can fit all of his stuff in my house, even if it must be crammed in, Tetris-like. My home is spacious but sorely lacking in closets (and there's no basement, attic, or garage; I couldn't buy a shed even if I wanted one, as it's against the rules here). But I am confident it will work out. I have a smaller ladder-accessible loft that I use very rarely, and that will become our storage area. I would like to figure out a way to block my view of the boxes, but that can happen in time.

Right now the biggest challenge is our cats. Voo, CJ's black male cat, moved into the first floor on Monday (my cats get the upstairs, since they're used to . So far, my (female) cats have sniffed and hissed at Voo through the screen, and sort of batted at him through the tarp. Nobody has freaked out yet, but there have been some growly-type meows. Voo was nervous in his new home at first, but now he's being his old affectionate (to humans) self. Oh yeah, he also meowed ALL NIGHT LONG last night. For no reason at all. He's used to sleeping alone, as CJ (cruelly) has always banished him from the bedroom at night; and my cats were on our bed all night, so I really don't know what Voo's deal was. I asked him, but he had no answer. We are continuing to keep them apart until they get bored with each other. CJ is all into this Feliway idea -- it's this stuff that sends out kitty pheromones that make them think that everything smells like themselves, or something, which makes them feel all is right with the world, and it pretty much sounds like kitty Ecstacy. A Feliway purchase is in our future.

I have a wedding on Saturday that's about 2 hours and 15 minutes from here (in Rhode Island). Should I wear my fancy dress in the car the whole time, or stop at a McDonalds right before we get there and change? I'd rather not arrive all wrinkled, but, well, I'd rather not bring my nice dress into a McDonald's bathroom. What would you do, reader?

P.S. I found my planner! It was in my laptop bag. You would know this already if you followed my Twitter.


Voo said...

Let me see if I understand this. Your cats sleep with you and CJ all freakin' night, I'm banished to the first floor, and you don't know why I'm meowing all night? Lady, I haven't slept on a human's bed in 9 YEARS. I forgot such pleasures were possible! You think I don't know y'all are up there while I'm all alone on the first floor?



No Stand In Will Do said...

definitely change when you get into rhode island. dont get all mushy and wrinkly during the drive. also, maybe you'll find somewhere nicer than a mcdonalds to stop into-
even a starbucks is an improvement.
good luck!

debl said...

Voo, baby,

Just wait a little bit longer. You behave yourself and treat my kitties right, and you'll get to sleep with us all night long. Aw yeah.


Jennifer Myszkowski said...

I say change in a local bathroom. One hot tip: many hotels have public restrooms that are much nicer than at McDonalds. And No Stand In Will Do is right: Starbucks toilets are much nicer and probably roomier.

Another place with decent toilets these days: Panera Bread.

Good luck!