Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I am pretty bummed out today. Last night I had bad cramps that didn't go away even after 2 ibuprofen and a heating pad against my belly. And it's nowhere near my period, so basically the endo is back. I'm getting an ultrasound this Friday morning to find out if there's a "mass" as the doctor said. I'm going to see the doc who did my surgery, even though she has a terrible bedside manner, like really horrible, but she has seen and moved around my insides with her own eyes (well, using a tiny camera) so I can't give that up. I feel almost post-traumatic stress-ful about that surgery I had in March, and now I feel just as bad as I did before I had it. So, I am pretty bummed, as I said. The doctor (not my usual one) I talked to today brought up trying Lupron, which is by far the scariest sounding, worst reviewed drug I've ever seen. It basically puts your body through menopause, which has the side effect of starving the endo of the hormones that make it react. People on Lupron get hot flashes and night sweats, they get migraines, nausea, weight gain, facial hair, vaginal dryness, loss of memory... It makes me think maybe I can handle the pain and nausea and bloating I'm dealing with now.

Sorry to be all sad and shit. On a lighter note, Bare-Naked Granola is really, really delicious. It is almost worth the $5 a bag they sell it for.


S-Way said...

Horrible. Fuck the endo. Fuck that medicine, too. You don't need to put yourself into menopause. Surely there's some form of freaky hippy herbal tinctures or something that could treat this? Have you consulted an acupuncturist? Perhaps some ear candling? Get your Happy Valley alternative practitioners on the case, dammit.

No Stand In Will Do said...

yeah, yuck. what's up with the crappy lady doctor? is she just fighting the stereotype of sensitive women?

aren't the chances of endometriosis abating with menopause the same as it would be abating with pregnancy? i think you should try the latter first.

Jennifer Myszkowski said...

Sorry your lady parts are bringing you down. It might be worth it to take a trip to NYC or Boston to get the best and the brightest to offer you all the options your lady parts deserve.

Meanwhile, I thought I read something somewhere about the Mirena IUD having the potential to help with endometriosis. Am I making that up?

Oh, look. I'm not:

I'm a happy Mirena user, if it matters, albeit sans endometriosis.

I'm thinking of you. Good luck.