Friday, November 21, 2008

We kicked so much ass at trivia, getting 26.5 points (out of 30), but then it turned out everyone else did too, and we didn't even end up placing in the top 3. Sad.

I'm in the middle of a malaise of which I can't find the cause. I almost didn't go out at all tonight, wanting instead to curl up on the couch and watch TV (again). But I did, and I feel much better now. I am looking forward to going to sleep. I'm supposed to start taking The Pill soon, but I'm nervous about it. I already feel bloaty and nauseated, and I am worried about getting morning sickness again and gaining weight and all the other bad stuff that happens when you take it. I am trying to focus on the fact that it's probably a weaker drug than when I took it oh, 15 years ago or so. Also melancholy-ish: stressful hard stuff at work. Today I got the equivalent of a check-minus and a "see me after class" on something I had given to my top editor to approve. Thing is, I knew what I handed in wasn't perfect, but fixing it was making my brain hurt. My head just shuts down after a certain number of hours. Plus there were fractions involved. No good.

I'm planning on driving to Jersey tomorrow after work, but it's almost 12:30 at night and I haven't packed a single thing, I'm already in need of more sleep than I've been getting and I won't get it tonight, so I'll have to come home and pack after work, and since I'll be home I'll have to feed the cats and give Junebug her two pills and maybe a shot.

Also it is very dark and cold. Maybe I have SAD?

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