Monday, November 08, 2004

I think it's a little hilarious that Victoria's Secret sells career wear. What's even better is that the models all pose like they're wearing lingerie. It's really hard to tell what these suits would look like on a normal woman - you know, one who might actually go to an actual office and actually work:

Something about the way they look all pissy cracks me up. ("You WILL take me seriously in the boardroom, even though I am presenting myself for coitus like a dog in heat! Stop judging me on my sexy, sexy legs and overly-arched back!")


Gretchen said...

I always thought it was weird that VS sold "normal" clothes, because it's definitely not what they're known for. I guess they figure it's OK as long as the models still pose as if they're wearing thongs and peek-a-boo bras.

Anonymous said...

OK, random question time. Is that you, five people down, holding the card about "two nations"?

Somebody sent me this link (we're grieving the election in PA too) and I wasn't sure. Figured I'd ask!

-- S

debl said...

No, that's not me (in fact I don't look anything like that), though I did submit a photo there a few days ago. I have no idea what page it ended up on, since I'm not willing to search through the slow-loading pages there... If you are, my photo is really dark and grainy, and my note says something about Massachusetts.

av said...
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av said...

Yeah, no one with a chance of climbing the professional ladder would wear these tight "suits" to work. I think the people who buy them are young clerical workers who've read too many magazines about how it's OK to wear a blazer with a lacy bra peeking out, just because some fashion editor had to come up with something new and edgy and sexy. A professional woman might show her feminine side with a non-button down shirt under her blazer, but if you wanna climb that ladder, you gotta dress the part.
Just bought another blazer (DKNY, by the way, which passes the quality test. If I may say so.)