Monday, November 22, 2004

If it's wrong to be 32 years old and ten years out of your parents house but still bringing laundry home for the holidays, then I don't want to be right.


Anonymous said...

If it's wrong, then I'm going straight to hell. I bring a load every time I stop by for dinner. I'll be so crass as to invite myself over for dinner when the laundry is really starting to pile up.

Eh, I'm going to hell anyway. I may as well have April-fresh clothing while I'm alive.


Anonymous said...

I am 29 and I still do this. Until I can afford my own damn washer and dryer, the family will have to suffer.

Anonymous said...

My mother took the time to call me this year to say the washer is on the blink! I think she's toying with me. I'm not above turning around and driving the six hours roundtrip to get my laundry once I've caught her in her ruse.

debl said...

See, I had a span of four years almost where I lived in an apartment with free laundry, and then a house with a washer and dryer. So it's like I am backsliding a bit, doing it at my parents' place now that I am in an apartment with no free laundry.

But what the hell, I'm-a gonna do it anyway. Dude, free laundry!!

The Zero Boss said...

I NEVER take my laundry to my mom's.

Asking for money, however, is another matter entirely.