Thursday, November 17, 2005

Not being able to blog from work has really cramped my style. Like, today out in the parking lot I saw a guy wearing a Cosby sweater whose torso was completely square. And I almost forgot about it, but, you know, I remembered it, which is how you just read about it. And then at home I have all these Slegs to kill, so you see how little free time I have.

For the first time ever in my life, today I bought the local paper just so I could officially get a bag for Bag Day on Saturday (the one day of the year when almost every store downtown offers 20% off of any one thing in each store) instead of finding a store willing to give me a bag. The past few years I've been avoiding downtown completely on Bag Day, but there's one item I need to buy for my dad's birthday next week, and it would be dumb to buy it NOT on bag day. So I am going to have to brave the slow-moving, Coldstone-Creamery-eating, jay-walking, preschooler-and-senior-citizen-towing crowds. For Father.

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