Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Wow! I just got an email meant for this person (note: NOT ME). Our names are identical, down to the middle initial! Plus: the email had to do with a stock repurchase. Not just any stock repurchase, but the purchase of a stock relating to a person who was much in the news this past year for some stock-purchasing-and-selling troubles of her own. Maybe this person's email mistake will cause me to be swept unawares into a web of mystery and shady financial shenanigans!

I'll keep you posted.


Anonymous said...

Was it a juicy insider trading tip? Like, could you make your fortune off this misdirected email? Because that would be awesome.
S. Way

debl said...

No - it reads like there's some stock-buying club in the office and one of the members is saying "good news - [some people] have agreed to a change in our original repurchase." Not very exciting. Now, if it were George Soros or Warren Buffet or something, then I'd be excited.

kleinmatic said...

Eerie. I was gonna write a joke about my doppelganger, but it turns out he just died.

Anonymous said...

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debl said...

Hey thanks! I don't respond to spam, though. Most people don't - in fact, most people think people who post spam are lower than worm shit. Good luck with that!

av said...

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