Monday, May 15, 2006

I had a physical today, the first one I have ever driven myself to (meaning I haven't had one since I was a kid). I wanted to get one before I started an exercise program, and now I no longer have a reason to not join the gym. Which means I've just made a huge mistake. Anyway, the physical was enlightening, in that I found out I do not actually have a heart murmur, and constructive, in that I got a prescription for lotion for my old-lady's nose (rosacea), and painful, in that they gave me a tetanus shot. I also had my first ever EKG, which was kind of neat. My heart is fine. I was hoping my doctor would scan the peaks and valleys and divine my romantic future, but instead he said something about my Q levels being within normal limits.

He also took a very brief geneological history, sketching a small chart on a blank piece of paper. In the middle of it, he asked, "Now, are you part-nerd?" I was surprised at the question, because it didn't seem to really bear on my health, but my doctor is slightly odd and open-minded, so maybe he was trying to determine how my lifestyle might be having an effect on my body... I was about to say "yes, how did you know?" until I suddenly realized he was actually saying "partnered." Thus proving that I am at least part-nerd, if not full.

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Amy said...

LOL oh this was too funny!! Yes, I think at that point you might in fact be more of the "nerd" family than you might care to admit. j/k Thanks for sharing and making me laugh over lunch!