Wednesday, May 10, 2006

I think I should change my profile photo, since my dog got a new owner (love that passive voice) almost two years ago. It's hard for me to give up those graceful tails. It's a nice shot, if I do say so myself.

Lots of bad news yesterday left me shaken and hyper at work, transitioning to full-on exhaustion by quittin' time. And nothing happened to me personally, is the thing. Empathy makes me a delicate flower sometimes. One of the bad things: The former home of B-Side Records, and independent record store, is going to become a Dunkin' Donuts. That's right, even though there's a full-sized stand-alone DD about a third of a mile away on King Street, and those mini-DDs inside two seperate gas stations in town, they're opening up a Dunkin' one short block away from Starbucks. Even closer to the site is the just-closed Javanet, another coffee shop. People in this town do not mind paying a lot for very good coffee and very good pastry. Why would anyone choose to go to Dunkin' Donuts while surrounded by other, better options? I'm hoping it'll have a quick and quiet death. Main Street has enough chain stores.

The other bad thing is very bad, a tragedy that happened to a friend, who hasn't yet mentioned anything on his blog so I'll leave it at that. The town's community of dreamy ne'er-do-wells, bohemians, and reformed-bohemians are rallying their support behind him.

There goes an ex-boyfriend. Two of them walk by my office windows on a daily basis. No hard feelings, it's just funny-strange. I especially like spying the one who just walked by, because he's from such a long time ago. We were very different from each other back then and have diverged even further over the years.

Speaking of things outside my window, I did visit the Pride rally on Saturday. It was packed. No gay rides per se, but there was a bounce house for the kids! I always get wistful about those, ever since one magical day near the end of my first year in college, when the graduating class spent their remaining activity money on a free bounce house and elephant rides next to the dorms. That was one of the funnest days of my life. Anyway, there were many booths selling rainbowed items and t-shirts, my favorites being the ones for kids saying stuff like "I love my two mommies" and "future folk singer." There were also many dogs of all sizes, including a very impressive pink poodle. Dakin Animal Shelter had a booth; I always give them money because I got my lovely dog there. They had a few dogs hanging around: a greyhound, a very gentle but huge Doberman with uncropped ears (I wanted that one), and a small toothless terrier, so of course I had to visit with them for a few minutes. I didn't buy any fried dough, but I was tempted. The Herrell's ice cream truck was there, even though the actual Herrell's is located less than 50 yards away. I escaped the rally and grabbed a slice from Luna's instead.

One good thing I learned yesterday: It's been all but confirmed (and maybe someone can confirm it for reals) that the Moan and Dove is coming to the former Silk Road location. They'd better get it going soon so I can enjoy a big goblet of Chimay with the front of the bar all open to the elements, and buy a drink or five for my friend.


av said...

You could have a fundraising show (bands) for your friend, people buy drinks, but there's a cover charge that goes to your friend.

Rick said...

We're all pretty broken up about our mutual friend. I had just been with him Monday night, too (having a practice for the coming I.H. show), and all five of us said our goodbyes with smiles on our faces. Suddenly within just a few hours it's all ashes and sadness.

S & I have lots of things and clothing that we're gathering together to give him, but most of what any of us can offer is just our friendship. The gig idea is excellent, too. Guess we'll see what the next few days bring.

Take care.

debl said...

Av, there's been a benefit concert in the works since approximately five minutes after this happened. I think it's tentatively going to happen in early June.

Brian said...

Friend loves you all. Friend is slowly getting things back together. Look! I'm writing this on my new computer! And I'll be moving into a new place in days.