Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Last night I went to see a show at the Iron Horse: Harry and the Potters. I would never have gone but my Rockumentary friends were opening. There was a very nice crowd there; they had to open up the upstairs seating area. The audience was mostly all high school and college-aged women, all of a certain geeky type. A few men were mixed in, and a few parents-and-kids. Harry and the Potters were insane. They're two young guys, and they do this sunny punk-ish music using a Casio and a drum machine, and all of their lyrics are about Harry Potter. They, themselves, are Harry, and they call each other HP Year Seven and HP Year Four. They refer to themselves as "we" as in "we had to go save the school, again" and "we had a problem with a troll" and the like. The HPs started it off by saying "Voldemort hates it when you dance and have a good time!" and they kept up the rocking for the entire set, ending with the super-sweet anthem "The Weapon" which was about the most powerful weapon Harry has, which of course is love. No wonder the chicks dig them. They're very energetic on stage, and they frequently jumped into the crowd and got other people to sing (shout) along. The dance floor was packed (I was standing safely in the back). A fair number of people already knew all the words to their songs. Songs about what a jerk Cornelius Fudge is, and how nobody calls Ron Weasley "the Weasel" but they really should. My friend L and I kept looking at each other with our mouths open in shock and delight. We each bought shirts: She got a "This guitar is a horcrux" shirt, and I got a "Save Ginny" shirt.

They are seconds away from getting sued, I'm sure, but I hope they last as long as possible before getting ceased-and-desisted. They're playing at Northsix in Brooklyn on May 14. I'm just saying.


Tits McGee said...

So funny that you posted this, because I was just reading about Harry and The Potters and thinking about how they sounded like a real good time.

I'll say this, though - the Iron Horse needs to step the hell up on their pubilicity.

Or maybe I just need to get out more often.

Also, the weather is beautiful, so we should get together and play soon.

av said...

They sound great!

Molly Morrison said...

I know this is random and a long time after the post, but I just saw this article about Harry and the Potters on Google News:

I guess JKR isn't about to hit them with a C&D after all... (Or they are hoping not.. ;-) )