Friday, September 08, 2006

I have some kittens here. They are very cute. They tear around the apartment like little fuzzy demons. They leap into the air after the cat dancer (tm) and pounce on each other and wrestle and run run run. They will get a toy in their mouth and carry it around, growling, while the others chase them.

Here's the trio of furry joy:

A close-up of the tabby, who has a cold (getting better, now that I squirt antibiotics down her throat twice a day):

The black fluffster (really more of a very dark brown):

And finally, adorable macro paw!

I still don't think I'll keep any of them, though I am rather fond of the tabby, and maybe the tabby and the b/w would be a good pair, except I think they are both female and I've yet to see a successful female pair of cats. By success, I mean cats who sleep all curled up together, like my pair of male cats did growing up. D and K's cats are male/female and they also snorgle together. Of course I could always give them back at the end of the month, like I'm supposed to, and start anew with other kittens, or an adult cat... Decisions will have to be made.
I have a few more pics up of the kitties at my gallery (on the top of the links on the right) plus bigger versions of the snaps above. Check 'em out for a nice kitteny dose of lurve.


av said...

Omigod, SO cute. I love their little paws! They are nothing but cuteness all over, without even trying. Thanks for posting pixx!

Rick said...

Two words: cute overload.