Thursday, August 31, 2006

I'm gonna party like it's my birthday, gonna drink Bacardi like it's my birthday...

Actually I'm not, because I still have an unpleasant cold (that I got from a co-worker in NY, and that is currently sweeping through the office) and an actual cold sore on my frickin' NOSTRIL, because I am the nerdiest nerd that ever nerded. This morning I was on the elevator on my way to the kitchen in the basement, and the elevator stopped on the first floor. The doors opened to a crowd of 8 or so, and as they filed in someone started singing Happy Birthday to me. By the time everyone was packed in and the door had closed, everyone was singing. It was the Weirdest Elevator Ride Ever. The elevator in our building is so slow that they were able to sing the entire song on the one-floor trip. I may be experiencing some PTSD from the experience.

And! As a birthday gift to me from Karma, the shelter called and they have some kittens for me. If they check out OK tomorrow, I can drive up and get 'em! There are three 12-week old kittens, and one has a possible respiratory infection, which means I have to finally dust and vacuum my apartment before trivia tonight. Oy.


S-Way said...

Temporary kittens? It's the best birthday ever!

Anonymous said...

Happy happy! Why, I remember bringing a small litter home myself, not long after this date, 34 years ago.

They were the cutest.

Love, Mom