Thursday, September 28, 2006

Tonight is triviaoke again. Did we win last week? Yes, yes we did. A three-peat, if you will. Tonight we will try to continue our streak. Eventually our luck will run out, but we will try to forestall the inevitable as long as we can.

What else has been up? I bought Lego Star Wars 2 (the original trilogy) and have been playing it and making my right arm and shoulder hurt. So that's been fun. I also looked at a funky little house out in the country today. I can barely afford it, and it needs some cosmetic work (in my opinion, forest-green carpet doesn't match lavender-painted walls, but maybe that's just me). It's in Williamsburg. The house is on the Mill River, and you have to cross the river on a wood bridge to get to the house. The setting is gorgeous, and I could do the cosmetic work while living there, but am worried (yet again) about getting all weird if I live alone in a house in the woods. I'm not scared of getting killed by a psycho or mauled by a bear, just that I'll, you know, rename myself "Starlight" and start wearing clothes I've fashioned out of newspaper and sing to myself all the time (I mean, more often than I already do). What do you all think?


S-Way said...

I could see you turning into a hippy-type character like Ruth's sister on Six Feet Under -- you know, lots of colorful flags and windchimes in the yard, shirtless bongo parties around the bonfire, etc. It could be kind of groovy (though maybe lonely and, you know, a little pathetic.) Just make sure you have lots of parties, and you'll stay socially connected, I bet. Right?

Anonymous said...

Hey, I've heard you have an uncle who restores and renovates houses and stuff and thus knows things. Could check with him to see if he'll spring for a free eval. He may not know about the newspaper clothing, though.


Rick said...

Bear in mind that if you move to Williamsburg, you will immediately be conscripted into our local network of cat-sitters.

And btw, Sarah and I have lived here for over thirteen years and have not become hippies. We had a brief fling as hillbilly rednecks, but it only lasted a weekend.