Monday, April 16, 2007

The end times are (once again) upon us: High-waisted jeans are coming back. My prediction for what's coming next: enormous bat-wing sweaters that fall below the butt. The resurgence of 80s fashion reminds me of this cool concept store, Units*, that was in my local mall. I still have some long leg tubes from them (like thigh-high sock but with no feet) but I haven't figured out how to wear them without looking like a ho.

Anyway. My dreams last night were star-studded. First, I was chosen to act in the new Pirates movie. Keira and I would be the two kick-ass female pirates, and go on pirating adventures with Johnny Depp and a rotating cast of sidekicks. I was allowed to choose my character name, so I went with "Robyn." Our costumes were awesome. After running through some action sequences (climbing! swordplay! evasion!) we met up with Johnny's new sidekick, played by Robyn Hitchcock. Robyn wanted to keep his real name, putting me in a difficult position. He was wearing a very un-piratey fluffy white feathered hat (to go along with his bird-like name). I couldn't wait to tell H and L about it.

Later, in a separate dream, I rode in a station wagon with Larry David and helped set up his book-signing table at a charity event.

*I googled the crap out of Units but only came up with a couple of blurbs. This one is from
UNITS: A one-size-fits-all clothing store featuring knit skirts, shirts, belts and leggings in coordinating colors. The clothes were sold in UNITS boutiques located in malls throughout the United States. You could buy six different pieces of UNITS clothing and create an entire wardrobe from them. It goes without saying that UNITS did not make it out of the 80s.


Jennifer Myszkowski said...

I recently found a comic strip I drew of our family vacation to Florida in 1992, and featured prominently in the background of the mall scene with my aunt was -- you guessed it -- Units. And I remembered that that's where I bought my first pair of black skorts.

So I guess Units made it out of the '80s, but only barely. And I must have thought it was pretty effing cool to draw myself carrying a units bag.

Anonymous said...

I TOTALLLY remember Units! A tube top doubled as a mini skirt, leggings doubled as sleeves. Nice, solid colors. I wonder if that was spandex they were putting in it for stretch. Don't think Lycra got popular til the late 90s. 80s fashion has been coming back for about 2 years now, FYI. I think it's defintiely penetrated the mainstream now though! I like having a sense of style that allows me to pass up a lot of what's in the store. Like, as much as I love stripes, I htink they're on the way out and I'm not going to collect anymore than I did last summer. PLus, i am just not allowed to shop. -av