Sunday, April 01, 2007

I've gotten a couple of big "I really need to do this" kind of things out of the way. One: my taxes. Two: My car inspection (March: I wasn't even late!). Three: I am seasoning a wok. This is a wok I got as a gift years ago, an authentic spun-steel one that came coated in motor oil so it wouldn't rust. When I first got it, I scrubbed the hell out of it, used it a few times (notably to make hot and sour soup, which was delicious but took three hours to make) and then hid it away to let it slowly corrode. Through the magic of SOS scouring pads, I got almost all of the rusty parts off. Now I'm in the middle of numerous cycles of seasoning: Heat the damn thing to very very hot, smear oil (vegetable, corn, or peanut) inside, let it smoke like a demon (while still rubbing in the oil; you don't want beading), and once it finishes smoking, do it all over again. I read six different sets of instructions and some had me cooling the wok down between coats, but some didn't, so I did a few coats a couple of days ago and a few coats today. The bottom of the inside of the wok is now pleasingly black, like it's supposed to be, but the sides are just normal dark metal color, even though I turned the wok to heat it evenly.. I know, it's boring, but I really want to be able to make a perfect stir-fry. I'm gonna test it out later this week.

Four: I got a haircut. A real one, at a fancy salon (fancy: not the $10 haircut place). My hair is short. Like shoulder-length short. And it bounces and moves around. It feels great! I only feel bad I didn't do this earlier (say, 20 years ago) but I guess the stars had to be aligned just so. I occasionally worry I look a little bit like the star of this
(when she has the shorter hair, obviously), but then I just start singing the song, and I forget all about it. I mean, who can stay pessimistic when singing that?

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