Monday, April 09, 2007

The good folks at Bubbilicious sent the office a briefcase-sized box full of gum today. It's open and on display in a well-trafficked area, and every time I walk past a pink sugary cloud seeps into my head. It's kind of delicious and intoxicating and nauseating, all at the same time.

Yesterday I became a woman: I defrosted my fridge. I had googled some good tips (put a pan of boiling water inside and close the door, and the frost will fall off in sheets; use a plastic knife to pry off the rest) and so I knew what I was getting into. My fridge seems much happier now, and seems to be turning on a lot less.

I also took a long walk. I figured out a simple loop starting and ending at my door. I doubt I'll repeat it. For one thing, only about a third of it has interesting scenery and buildings; the other two-thirds might as well have been in New Jersey. For another, there are no sidewalks, which is fine in the country-ish part of the loop, not so fine during the nearly-a-mile part I'm walking along Rt. 5. It was so windy when I was walking on Rt. 5 that I couldn't catch my breath. I did discover, however, that I can easily walk to an open-24-hours gas station mini-mart, the Danish furniture store, the RV place, and (slightly further) a soft-serve ice cream store and (furthest of all) Holy Smokes, a bbq joint inside an old church. Because this was Easter Sunday, I saw two groups of children searching for eggs, and a third group playing ball on the lawn in their Easter dresses. I do not do anything for Easter except buy half-off candy the day afterwards. Actually, I sort of celebrated by not using my car all day. Christ died for your gasoline!

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