Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I have not posted in a long time.
San Diego was nice, except I was sick (just like the last time I was there!) and therefore we didn't get to do some of the funner things on our list, like strolling along the beach and looking at sea lions, or driving to the desert. We did go (with CJ's entire family) on a VIP backstage tour of the Wild Animal Park, which was sort of cool. The highlight was getting to pet an adorable small owl, and to watch two adolescent lions play around inside in a romping area separated from us only via glass. I forgot my camera so I'm at the mercy of one of CJ's sisters-in-law for photos.
And on our last full day there I felt good enough to go to Sea World, where we touched rays, watched otters frolic, and saw the Shamu show. It was also quite chilly and we were under-dressed, so that was a drag. What else did we do on our trip... We had some authentic Mexican food (tostadas), Pinkberry, and Jamba Juice, which was nice. We went to a tacky but fun place called Boomers! where we drove go-karts and played video games (including a Japanese drumming simulation game that was very fun).

And now we're gearing up for our Belize adventure -- gearing up quite literally, since I keep ordering things from Sierra Trading Post like the aforementioned convertable pants, plus a rash guard shirt and some water shoes. I like to be prepared.

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