Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Get out yer "my car is better than my wife" t-shirt and yer cowboy hat, because it's time for the Three-County Fair!

It was 80's day at the sheep barn.These two ewes were totally tubular. Note the lens flare from the super-shiny spandex:

And here's a mad-mouse-style roller coaster I went on. Note all of the structural parts they had left over:

Cool 70s-80s font here:

This ride was disappointing for the kids. It looks like you should be able to turn the cars around, since they're all rotating around the center at odd angles, but they were all stiff. The children had to resort to dangerous stunts to keep from being bored:

And here is a night shot of my spooky nemesis, a ride that has haunted me since the first time I saw it at a fair in the soccer field behind the local Catholic school. I cannot stop being amazed that people enter it willingly. It is what I am forced to ride in my nightmares. The Zipper:


Anonymous said...

I swear to you that the Zipper is some kind of terrorist plot to spread terror.

-H.G. Wells (Ghost)

Anonymous said...

I rode the zipper in eighth grade several times in a row. I couldn't get enough of its zippericious fun. Then I became ill. And I've been suffering from motion sickness ever since. I get motion sick from my own driving. I am not making this up.

Meantime, about that roller coaster, had I noticed those extra parts, I definitely wouldn't have ridden it. And if I had any sense in my head I wouldn't have ridden it. That part where it's making the rickety motion and noises while you're coasting over the top of it with nothing to catch your fall? I'm afraid I peed a little bit it scared me so much.

But then, I'm a pansy, so this isn't a surprise.

-Jennifer Myszkowski