Monday, September 13, 2004

Operation Fair/Play is going along swimmingly. On Saturday I hit the Franklin County Fair up in Greenfield. It's a bit bigger than the 3-County Fair. They have a small barn that is nothing but baby animals [swoon] (though there were also some fancy pigeons. They may have been adolescent pigeons, though; who can tell?). I touched a goat. And a calf. And a bunny. This fair also had a better midway than the previous one; more rides, and a greater variety of them, though there were no wimpy-grownup coasters. We chose not to spend our money on tickets, instead heading for the long line of food booths with their siren songs of fried-food-smells and flashing lights and colorful signs. I was looking hard for some chicken on a stick, but there was none to be had. Gotta wait for the Big E for that, I guess. I got a semi-healthy chicken pita thing, and some Mountain Dew from a soda fountain machine that made the same noise the Showcase Showdown wheel makes when the contestants spin it on "The Price is Right." There were also onion rings. And a perogi. And soft-serve ice cream. Delish.

L and I also signed up to win a hundred bucks from some country music station. The catch was that you had to be there at the station's booth/trailer at the stated times in order to be in the running. They did five drawings; we made it to two. For the first drawing, the winner was there on the first entry drawn. For the second (half an hour later) it took about 15 tries before the chosen person was there. We had noticed that in the first drawing, the winner did not show any form of identification to get his one-hundred-dollar bill. So we figured we could just say "yep, that's me!" to whatever the next female name was. Unfortunately, we discussed this idea quite openly in the middle of a crowd of people also waiting to see if they'd won, so we thought it wise to not put the plan into action.

More details later, so I'll have something to say in my photo captions after I post said photos here.

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